Reviewing your Content

So you’ve set up your sources, and content has started showing up in your newsfeed, but you’re not sure how to review and train the Caboodle system the way you would want. 

With this How-To guide, we’ll go over in detail how to approve and reject content manually, and also publish content to the newsfeed. If you’re not familiar with the article review process in general, you can check out our Article Review before going through this.

All right you’re back, so shall we?

Manual review basically follows the process of training Morla to correctly identify what content is relevant to the site, and what is not. This is an important step and we recommend you do this in order to get the best results from Morla.  Let’s give a scenario on this so you understand clearly what we mean here:

George has a Caboodle site that specialises in all car content. He has added in a bunch of sources and waits a week for content to be generated in the draft/unpublished newsfeed. Now a week has gone by and George sees 20+ articles, some about cars, and some not so much.

He then manually approves/rejects articles and published the result, which helps Morla know what is truly relevant and what is not for the next time it generates content. The longer the manual review process is, the more efficient Morla would be. This way, it will give each article a score based on relevancy, and this is what will be used to auto-review content if George decides not to manually publish again, which leaves the site running content on its own.

Now that we’ve got our scenario clear, let’s break down the process of Manual review. For this demo guide, we’ll use a test site that uses car content, specifically electric cars. The manual review would involve a 3-step process:

1. Identifying content that is relevant to your Caboodle site and industry. This is the most important part of the review and needs to be as specific as possible in order to bring out the best in Morla. By going through the articles generated in the draft/unpublished section, you can see what fits your industry and what doesn’t. For the test site, we identify that relevant content is any content about cars and electric cars.

2. Remove content that is irrelevant to your Caboodle site and industry. By default, Morla marks some content as irrelevant based on your sources, but by going through the content, you can manually remove articles from the feed. Removing articles basically involves either rejecting/deleting them or hiding them so they don’t show. Articles you hide might be relevant, but just not a choice of yours to include it. As seen below, we remove articles that are not about electric cars.

3. Publishing selected articles from the draft/unpublished feed. Once you’re done choosing what is relevant and what isn’t, click on the “Publish” button at the site and your articles will be added to your newsfeed, which concludes the review process.

You can manually review your content as often as you would like, it will improve Morla’s efficiency and makes a smooth transition to automation. We hope this guide has been helpful, feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or encounter any issues with reviewing content.

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