Subscription Lists

In this guide, you’ll get a deeper insight into subscription lists and the types and differences between each of them.

What is a subscription list?

A subscription list is a predefined query that groups active users of a common trait into a list. You can see this as being a dog owner, you’re subscribed to that pet, and can be among of group of dog owners because you all share having a dog, that’s the same concept here.

Now, these users can subscribe/unsubscribe to a specific list in order to receive marketing emails based on their interests, the same way you can decide to no longer own a pet. With Caboodle, there are 3 types of subscription lists a user can fall under.

  • Subscribers

Subscribers can either be those that you import from your database or those that subscribe organically via the newsfeed. They are typically classed as imported users or users that subscribed via the portal (subscription box). These users would receive marketing emails as part of their subscription/ The demographic information about these users can only be available via import. 

Before a user becomes a subscriber and receives newsletters, they simply need to fill in their email address and press Subscribe. This will then enable them to receive newsletters and they’ll be inputted into your subscriber database, and you can also choose to set up a subscriber welcome email if you like. 

Now when a subscriber continues through their portal registration by adding more information about them apart from just an email, then they become trackers.

  • Trackers

Trackers are an advanced subscription list with additional information about the users. When a user becomes a tracker it enables them to follow companies and labels in order to receive personalized content, under the section “My News” on the newsfeed.

Their information is gathered by completing the registration form and adding first/last name, company, and position details. In exchange, these users get a username/password to log in and manage their preferences. (companies they follow, social logins, saved articles, and more), where the newsfeed displays articles that they are specifically interested in.

You can then choose to send Trackers a personalized newsletter, based on the sources they are following.

  • Company Users

Users are generated for Companies within the platform. These are their companies’ administrators for the Industry Directory’s purpose and to perform other functions. Company Users are created through the User Management tab and don’t have end-user access to the general or a personalized newsfeed unless they are set up with a different email address and other info.

And that’s all there is to know about the subscription list, and the different types of users in your Caboodle site.

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