Creating an Advertisement

Setting up Advertisements is one of the standout features that Caboodle provides for you. There are different types of ads you can have, from banners all the way to sponsored content, with different location placements available.

With this How-To guide, we’ll walk you through setting up an ad on your newsfeed. However, in order to better understand this, please make sure to check out other articles in the Advertisement hub

To set up an Ad, you first need to figure out what section you want it located in, and by section, I mean either having the ad on your Newsfeed or Newsletter. Once you decide where it goes, you then need to check the category of ad you want, this determines the size and location the ad will have in your chosen section. After getting your preferences done, then you can go into the Advertisement section on your site and set up an ad. 

For this demo guide, we’ll be adding a simple ad at the top of our newsfeed, and since we want this at the top of the newsfeed, we would be using the Leaderboard ad category. Setting this up would involve a simple 3-step process:

1. Select your section and category placement (we have done this already with our Newsfeed and Top location choice ). Once you’ve selected this, click on the “+” icon and hit the create ad button.

2. Configure the details of your ad, which would involve the name, link, sponsor, date period and also uploading the graphic.

3. Afterwards, you can then select the ad from the category section and publish it on the selected location (which in this case is our newsfeed) You can also edit the ad at any time and change any of the options you’ve set up before.

With this, you’re all set to create more ads for several locations in Caboodle. If you have questions from this guide or encounter any issues with ads, you can always reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be right with you.

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