Restoring Archived Ads

An Archived ad is in simple terms, an expired advertisement. We know expiry relates to dates, and that applies here as well. An ad placement becomes archived when the date period initially set for it has passed.

As an example, you created a Newsletter Leaderboard ad to go from 1/1/23 to 31/1/23, and after the last day of the period, the ad gets archived (because the ad has expired based on the period you’ve set up)

This guide will help to restore ads that have been archived, so let’s get right into it!

1. Go to the Advertisement page from the Caboodle login and select “Manage my Ads”

2. Select the Ad spot that is archived, it should have an archive icon, something like this: (If you can’t find the archived ad when you got to the ads page, then select the date period filter to the last time the ad was active and it’ll show up)

3. Once you select it, click on “Show Details”, and you’ll be directed to the ad details page.

4. You’ll notice that the details page is blurry since the ad is archived. To restore it, tick the “Select to change period” box and then choose your new date period. Once that’s done, you can proceed to publish it or save it to draft,  any of those buttons will restore the ad to normal.

And that’s all there is to it really, we hope you’ve found this guide useful for any issues with this, feel free to reach out for more help anytime.

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