Scheduling Advertisements

With the Ad Manager, you can schedule advertisements into the future for any date. Usually, you can either schedule a future advertisement by creating it or duplicating an older one, and we’ll go over both!

Scheduling through Ad Creation

To create an ad, simply login to CaboodleAI and use the Ad manager as shown in our previous guide. Once you get to this page, select the preference date range for the ad.

On our end, we’ve created a future ad to start from November 26th up until February 2025, and it can be changed to even further in time as required by your business operations.

Scheduling through Ad Duplication

If you’d like to schedule the same ad into the future without having to create it from scratch, then ad duplicate is definitely the way to go. To duplicate an ad and set future dates, here are 5 simple steps:

1. From the Ad Manager, click on the ad you wish to duplicate and select the edit icon.
2. On the Ad details page, click on ‘Duplicate’ at the bottom.
3. A new menu shows up with date ranges preconfigured to duplicate to the current day.
4. Click on the ‘End date’ dropdown and select a new end date based on requirements.
5. Once a new end date is selected, follow the same for the ‘Start date’ dropdown as well.

After you follow these steps and confirm the new date period, click on ‘Duplicate publish’ and the changes will be saved. To assist with this, check out this video going through all steps in detail:

Scheduling Advertisements is an effective way to set up ads in the future and not have to worry about constraints. Scheduled ads can also be edited if any changes occur, you’re completely in control. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out and we’ll be right with you.

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