Create and send email newsletters in just minutes

Use AI-driven content and CaboodleAI’s newsletter creator to build and send at the click of a button. 

Allow you audience to personalize the newsletters they receive to include the news they specifically want.

Personalized email newsletters

Create email newsletters that are personalized to each and every subscriber. 

With CaboodleAI, your AI-driven curated newsletters can be personalized by each and every contact to include the most relevant and up to date news for them.  

Stand out from your competition.

Email newsletter design

Create the best email newsletter design that reflects your branding.

With CaboodleAI’s newsletter template maker you can make beautiful custom templates with our drag and drop editor.

Don’t have one? We’ve got you. 

Choose from a selection of responsive and friendly templates that have been tried and tested across multiple email clients that are proven to get engagement soaring!

Campaign creation

Manage and create email newsletter campaigns all in one place.

Schedule or set reminders for yourself when your next campaign needs to be sent. 

Segment your audience and analyze your email newsletters.

Already using a mailing system? CaboodleAI integrated with most third party email services.

Integrates with third party email services. 

Use CaboodleAI’s RSS feed or download the HTML code for your email service provider.

Digital revenue

Increase digital revenue with your AI-driven curated newsletters. CaboodleAI allows you to sell advertising with banners, MPU’s and sponsored articles to drive digital revenue.

Analyze your curated newsletters

Report on key metrics on your AI-driven newsletter content.

Track KPI’s and optimise your content for all year round engagement with your audience. 

CaboodleAI offers an analytics dashboard to see the results for both content and newsletter performance.