Create AI-driven News Feeds, Email Newsletters and a Business Directory

Take advantage of our AI technology to generate content from your industry’s top news sources and
distribute it via a website news feed, email newsletters, RSS feed reader and social media channels

CaboodleAI’s content curation tool is helping businesses
all over the world to increase:


Revenue • Engagement • Leads • Connections • Efficiency • Personalization

Reduce your marketing costs with CaboodleAI

CaboodleAI is an AI-driven content curation tool that provides organizations within any sector the option of having an  engaged and monetized;

Personalized website news feed

Allow your audience to tailor the news of the most interest to them – maximizing traffic and engagement to your site.

Create email newsletters that generate more

Simply select which stories you want to populate into your drag ‘n’ drop custom branded email newsletter

Keep your audience engaged and your brand front of mind with the content you send them.

How the CaboodleAI content curation platform works

Think of CaboodleAI like a great big funnel, where all the top news sources from all over the world are fed into the top… Our AI engine and curation software then sifts through these stories and selects the most engaging and relevant news stories for publication.

The AI engine trains itself to select only the most relevant news stories for publication, which means that your readers get the news they want without having to search for it.

Grow your content community

Keep your audience engaged 365 days a year with an AI-driven industry news feed and newsletter with the latest, most relevant industry developments and trends.

Maximize your website engagement, drive website traffic and increase revenue levels by introducing a rolling newsfeed and email newsletter for your audience to engage with every single day.

Give your audience a reason to come back and visit your website.


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