The Best Content Aggregators And Why You Should Be Using One

katie Oconnell | 24 September 2021
News in a Globe

Firstly, you may be asking yourself “What is a content aggregator?”, but don’t worry we will explain…

A content aggregator is a site which gathers content from many different online sources and brings it all to one easy place to find. The news stories on a content aggregation site are pulled from many different news sources and then distributed to viewers. The sites can collect news articles, social media posts, images, and videos.

Content aggregators are a unique and interesting tool for marketers, so that they can share their content, gain exposure and involvement in your community.

Types of content aggregation tools…

  • Blog aggregators:

This is focused on blog websites, which can contain general blog posts or more niche-focused aggregators, including content such as a travel blog.

  • News aggregators:

They compile content from various high-quality news sources. This can either be for general news, but also niche location-specific news or also industry updates. For example this would include Google news.

  • Information aggregator websites:

They contain – you guessed it – information which could include blog posts, news stories, links to socials and any other information which a user would benefit from.

  • Social media aggregators:

They compile high quality content from social media, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. Most of the social media aggregators help markets find user generated content which can be shared with their audience to build brand trust.


Benefits of content aggregators…

  1. Your audience is assured that the information is the latest, up to date information.
  2. Companies can moderate information and avoid any inappropriate content.
  3. Pulls all the relevant information or data from the whole internet.
  4. Less work for your company, as a third party is doing all of the searching and collecting data.
  5. Search engine approval ensures your content is relevant.


How to create an aggregator newsfeed…

It is very simple to create a news aggregator site:

  1. Add in the aggregator plug-in with your web provider.
  2. Use features such as RSS feeds or feed to post (which allows you to import feed items).
  3. Integrate feed sources: adding the sources where you would like your news feed to come from.
  4. Research on competitor websites.
  5. Choose an area and reliable source.
  6. Make sure it is mobile and user friendly.
  7. Add monetisation so that your business can bring in money from it.


How to aggregate content effectively…

  • Choose trustworthy sources: every source should be reliable and trustworthy. Checking the topics and information thoroughly is important. The sources you take information from have to be legal and trusted.
  • Add value: It is considered more valuable when the author adds its own review or conclusion. By giving your opinion it proves professionalism and expertise that makes content even more useful.
  • Summarise: By writing short summaries defining the main points in the article will help visitors find the information they need faster.
  • Give proper credits: Adding authors and publications, avoids being defined as stolen and will be recognised by Google.
  • Use SEO: Makes your content easily findable.
  • Discussions: Under your article it will attract more readers or experts within the area if there are discussions.


Overall there is a high level of competition in news aggregators, however you can make yours stand out by making it really convenient and interesting.