Why timing is important…

Elizabeth Anello | 22 July 2021

If you are sending creative content manually, you are doing it wrong! Why? Timing is extremely important throughout the email newsletter process. The content within your newsletters you are creating has the potential to be outdated by the time you hit send and they are delivered. If this is news or content your audience have already read, it will have a negative impact on your company even though, you had the best intentions. This could potentially lose the interest and demand from your audience – negatively impacting your engagement levels and unsubscribe rates.

How do we fix this?

Newsletters need to be distributed as soon as the content is gathered and curated; whilst still current and relevant. This will allow your audience to stay interested and loyal to your brand. The engagement for the newsletter is highly important for your company as they are one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available to market your business. Artificial Intelligence is the new way to curate and distribute newsletters as soon as the news goes live.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by humans or animals. Therefore, meaning your email feed would be accumulated with brand new articles daily, keeping the stories fresh and updated, for your subscribers.

AI tools you need to know about…

Within AI there are many useful tools which would benefit your newsletters. One of these tools is Caboodle AI. Caboodle AI allows any business to engage with their audience 365 days a year using curated content for newsletters, social media and websites. Their AI model learns what content is relevant to your audience which can then be distributed automatically or manually – at a click of a button. It is a great way to keep your newsletters flowing with up-to-date content every single day targeted to your audience.

Mailchimp have now expanded their services, including a new AI sector which provides personalised product recommendations for shoppers and forecasting tools for behavioural targeting so that it is possible to see which users are most likely to buy something. Mailchimp offers a tool which helps businesses choose the next best action, this is possible by looking through all the data aggregated and then supplying actionable recommendations for how to improve their email campaign performance. This is a useful tool to help businesses show their viewers targeted information.

Personalize is another AI tool which identifies which products and services your contacts are most interested in at any time, this is done by an algorithm to identify each contacts top three interests. This is all updated on a real-time basis on recent site activity.

Optimail uses AI to reveal meaningful insights around email engagement as it adjusts the timing, content and personalisation of your email campaigns to drive customers to affect purchasing, social sharing and engagement. The system learns from your customers’ responses to show the best time and content to include in your email. This is a proven way to increase engagement and reduce spam emails.