Why content curating works…

Elizabeth Anello | 27 July 2021

What are the benefits?

The benefits of content curating include time saving, earning an expert status, deliver value, better understand your customers, grow business, make contacts and stay informed. By using content curation, you can eliminate a large part of your workload, saving you and your business time and money.
When you share posts from others with your own words and twist, this will save you heaps of time. You will no longer have to think of an idea for therefore developing the material is greatly reduced.

Content Curation tips:

Find the perfect content

Making sure the content you find matches your business and relevancy is very important. It is both important to the reader and the SEO of your website, showing it is brand new content.

Trust the source

Finding the right source is something to carefully select, making sure fake news isn’t sourced as this will decrease the businesses online reputation. Always make sure you verify your sources before publishing and sharing to your followers or viewers.

Make sure the post has a new title

Although you are including your own words within the post, a new title is needed to separate your post from the original. It must have its own personality to ensure it builds its own attraction and engagement.

New images added

To avoid copywriting, always use your own images! Not only does it avoid copywriting, but it also creates individuality to the post.

Cite the information

As you have pulled the information from a source, it is important to give the website some credit. You can do this by including the authors name, website and link to the article being used. This shows the reader that the full article is available from a trusted source. This is also not a bad thing for the author as they are getting a free backlink to their website, this may make them be less likely to be upset.

Your own words

Although the focus of the page is the curated content, at least half of the page should include your own content and material. A good way to do this is by including quotes from the source and then going into great depth talking about them.

Call to action

A call to action can be a way to ask for a reader to leave comments or visit other parts of your website. It is all about giving the visitor the opportunity to explore the site. By making people spend as long as possible on your website, there is a higher chance of making money.

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