How to be the content hub for your industry?

Yossi Harel | 23 June 2021

Having all the knowledge in your area is obviously key; how to build the best customer service or how to deliver the best product. That’s probably in your pocket. The problem is getting the world to acknowledge that you really are the Subject Matter Expert (SME) and to have everyone with an interest to check you out first.

Nowadays, everybody knows that should you wish to order a takeaway and you don’t know what you fancy, you’d probably start with Just Eat; a great provider of almost anything takeaway.

Just Eat became the “Content Hub” for almost anything takeaway, because of the diversity of food and their service.

So… how can you make sure that the world knows about your diversity expertise and your great service? 

In this article, you can probably find some of the best tips and tricks (if not the top three) to get you going:

  1. Show your knowledge of what is happening with your products but also within your industry. You should be able to talk about other technologies or services that relate to your business area.
  2. Double Rs – Reach and React – send new information about everything that is trending to your subscribers. Don’t necessarily wait for them to hit your site or your offices. Email marketing or social media does make a difference.
  3. Double Cs – Consistent and Clear – If you decided to send regular emails, make sure that you do because your customers expect that. If you started and then you stopped, it reflects on your level of service. This means content marketing team, gauging what is new in your market and more.

Sending the emails on a regular, weekly or monthly basis, requiresa lot of effort. From having the subject matter expert available, to getting enough content on a weekly basis available to send to your subscribers.

Luckily, there are tools out there that can;

  1. Publish your articles to newsfeeds, newsletters and social media accounts on a regular cadence
  2. Populate your distribution channels with the right content at the right time automatically
  3. Position you as the industry Content Hub for your audience to consume knowledge from

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You know you have the best product and a good reach to your customers or subscribers. However, sending an email on a regular basis, weekly or even monthly almost never happens and eventually you get round to sending that one off email here and there with all good intentions to have it at a regular cadence… But that never happens and you end up agreeing that your plan didn’t get done.