Why starting your marketing whilst your product is in development is important…

Elizabeth Anello | 27 August 2021

Although your business may not be launched 100% yet online, starting a newsletter or several social media pages is a good way to build brand awareness, ready for the launch day!

Here are three reasons why your marketing strategy should start before the product launch:

  • Prelaunch marketing strategy gets the conversation started and generates buzz

It starts a conversation if you market your product while it is still in development, it will also set up your product for success.

You need to be precise with your product marketing and build a plan that will get the conversation flowing early before the product launches. This conversation will then continue so it will stay relevant and fresh in the mind of your audience.

When the word starts spreading around it will build anticipation and intrigue for the product. Especially if you slowly release information to your audience to keep your audience interested.

  • It creates a receptive and engaged audience to sell to

As you continue to market the product before its launch you will build a targeted audience, this audience will then be ready for you to sell the product to as soon as it is launched. Whether you already have an audience, or you are building one from scratch, weekly marketing will keep the launch and product at the front of people’s mind.

  • It ensures you have an audience for your product launch

This will allow you to know that you have a guaranteed audience and potential sales already lined up for when the product goes live.

By marketing early, you will not be launching your product to an empty room, you will already have intrigued and interested people through the likes of digital advertising.

Overall premarketing is very important to any business new or old for the three reasons above. To start off your pre-marketing newsletter CaboodleAI can help by curating a daily newsletter for you which could then also be promoted throughout social media platforms daily.