Why you’re losing email subscribers

Elizabeth Anello | 6 August 2021

Emails can be tough to keep people entertained and loyal over a length of time. The average unsubscribe rate in the UK (according to https://www.campaignmonitor.com/resources/guides/uk-email-marketing-benchmarks/) is 0.1%. A higher-than-average unsubscribe rate can reveal that your audience no longer finds your content valuable enough to allow you into their inboxes and tell you it’s time to overhaul your email marketing strategy. Below are some reasons why you may be losing subscribers followed with solutions:

Irrelevant Messaging
If your messaging is not relevant to the person anymore, why would they stay? It isn’t a bad thing to lose a few subscribers as you can start fresh with a clean list knowing all your subscribers are interested.

To make the most out of a bad situation you could ask for a referral which could potentially gain you new subscribers. Getting people to refer and share your content will help in turn increasing engagement and build a new audience where they are actually relevant to the messaging of your newsfeed/blog.

Inconsistent Deliverability
Your emails may end up in subscribers’ spam folders which may then lead to them unsubscribing. Or this could be the case for a fraction of your emails leading the subscriber to believe your emails are not very regular, therefore they may not trust the newsletter anymore. This is a lot more harmful than unsubscribing as it affects your sender reputation. A tip to avoid ending up in the spam folders is to avoid using trigger words and mass sending.

These trigger words could include the word ‘free’, also by using numbers in words, using too many spaces or capitalisations could cause the email to move to a spam email.

Mass sending should be heavily avoided, you can stop this by making your emails more targeted therefore you will not be sending to as many people.

Spelling Errors and Typos
Within your email if you have too many spelling mistakes or grammar errors this can affect a person’s view of the email and company.

This is because it will come across as unprofessional. The solution to this would be to proofread your work a couple of times alongside someone else or alternatively, using online tools such as Grammarly. https://www.grammarly.com/.

Uninterested Audience
If people complain about your company sending too many emails, they may have moved out of your target audience. If you were targeting the right people with relevant and interesting information they would not unsubscribe.

How did you get the people on your list? You may have purchased them, which means they did not choose to subscribe therefore, this is never a good idea. Another possible explanation could be that they signed up to get an offer or a discount and were not actually interested in the newsletter. Not every buyer is a repeat buyer! Repeat buyers for most businesses are your target audience.

Always send maximum one email a day and make sure your subscribers are all within your target audience!

Infrequent emails
A lot of companies are scared to send too many emails. However, if you send none or are inconsistent with your sending people will forget about you and unsubscribe. Sending one email a day will remind your subscribers of your business and its message. Don’t forget to be consistent!

As this can be time consuming Ai tools can help to produce and curate your content for you, leaving you with a fresh email every single day ready for your subscribers. Caboodle AI can help you with this!

The Top 10 Reasons Why You Lose Email Subscribers