When you set your mind to it…

Yossi Harel | 23 June 2021

You can accomplish anything.

So, in cases where you set your mind to it, and you don’t follow through, what happens then?
Were you not really committed? Did you have other engagements (like your day-to-day) that preoccupied you? 

At the end of the day, and no matter what the reason was, you get frustrated at either yourself, a colleague or an employee because it never happened.

Such scenarios are so typical with marketing campaigns. You start off with a big bang, you see the results in your analytics, your stream of sales have increased and then something happens. In most cases, you actually only sent one email, even if you had all the best intentions to keep sending on a regular basis. 

For some reason, you stop sending out your emails because you just don’t have the time. So what do you do? 

Option one, just stop. It has a cost. The cost of not reaching out to your customers/prospects/subscribers. For some businesses, it can have a detrimental effect on sales. 

Option two, hire a team or a consultancy to do it for you. Well, how much does a content editor cost? Typically, the content they try to write is like “top 5 to do’s with ….” Or “ the ins and outs of ….”. Read Neil Patel’s blog on providing great content.

Is this really what you are after?

You know you have the best product and a good reach to your customers or subscribers. But sending an email on a regular basis, weekly or even monthly almost never happens. You sometimes send that one off email here and there with all good intentions to have it at a regular cadence… But that never happens and you end up being frustrated that your plan didn’t go to plan. 

There are automated tools that are AI (artificial intelligence) driven to get all of these done for you. 

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