Should business’ use artificial intelligence in their writing?

Elizabeth Anello | 13 August 2021

Artificial Intelligence is a technology which allows machines to learn and think like humans. It can have the ability to write like humans. The impressive powers of artificial intelligence come from machine learning algorithms. The longer you use the AI the better the AI will know what to suggest and forecast for the business.

You can train your AI to leverage customers’ preferences, behaviours, beliefs, and interests to create a more personalised experience.

Why should you use AI?

Improved sales – AI can increase your customer engagement which will then lead to an increase in sales figures.

Saving time – It is definitely time-consuming creating and thinking of posts daily for your business. AI takes that entire headache away and gives you content suggestions making your marketing more efficient and targeted to your audience.

Saves money – You will be eliminating the need for a marketing professional, meaning your business would be saving a large sum of money.

AI is the future of digital marketing making peoples jobs a lot easier and less stressful on a daily basis. It can also give you a competitive edge to other businesses as it will be a lot more targeted information.

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