How to have the perfect engaging newsletter

Elizabeth Anello | 20 August 2021

Email marketing is one of the most essential marketing tools based on the return on investment for your business

Most people tend to view their emails on a regular basis for the latest products or to stay on top of industry news and updates. Therefore, by creating your newsletters using the below steps as a guideline – you can be at the forefront of your readers mind, potentially brining in new clients and sales.


Simplicity is a key factor when creating the perfect newsletter.

Many marketers tend to make their newsletters very complex. However, the best approach is to not over complicate them and instead, be consistent – including all the key relevant information each time with same template, so your subscribers know what to expect. This simplicity and consistency will help to improve your long-term engagement.


Setting your overall email marketing goals can make things easier and bring you a step closer to exactly what you would like to achieve. Once you have your overall goal, you can then set KPIs in order to achieve this goal – making sure it’s realistic for your business.


The right colour can have a positive impact. Whereas, the wrong colour selection can have a detrimental effect, leading to subscribers not wanting to open your emails – ever again.

Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is very important, as the websites dynamic could completely change depending on the audience’s demographic. Therefore, a younger audience would expect to see something different to an older audience, such as brighter colours and less text. Younger audiences are generally more easily distracted so it would be better for the interface to not be too busy and straight to the point. Whereas the older audience would rather have a lot of information.

The layout and template should be able to match the target audience to make them feel included whether that is a younger or older audience.


A fewer array of fonts would be beneficial, as it confuses the readers eye and takes them even longer to read the information leading the audience to click off.

Here are some of the best fonts to use: Arial, Tahoma, Courier, Georgia and Times New Roman.


Balanced text with images is something all newsletters need to have, as users like to see images because they are visually appealing and deliver a large message themselves.

Images can improve user experience and give insight; also, social sharing has a much higher chance when images are included. However, tip: don’t forget your alt text for users that have images turned off!


Making sure the email is smart phone compatible is highly important, as four out of ten emails are opened through mobile applications. It is also important as the layout on desktop might be too piled up for a smaller screen such as a mobile phone.

Subject Lines

Subject lines are important to attract interest to the newsletter and get your newsletter opened.

However, it is just as important to make sure the titles aren’t shady, so they do not get flagged as spam in your audience’s inbox. According to Return Path, 20% of all commercial emails end up as spam mail.


Being promotional can discourage your audience, therefore you must put yourselves in their shoes and think about what you would like to receive. Planning is very smart so that you achieve the right message for your audience.

Up-to-date Content

Staying relevant with up-to-date content is the best way to build and maintain engagement for any newsletter. It is important that people are updated regularly about your content without sending too much and spamming them. By doing this you will be able to build up interest and expectations for upcoming events or products.


Listening to feedback will help you understand what does and doesn’t work for the target audience.


Although creating an interesting newsletter for your audience, it is very time consuming and hard work. The use of an AI tool would help to speed up the process as it helps pick stories for you and your target audience. Therefore, you completely skip this step. CaboodleAI is an Artificial Intelligence which allows you to create and send newsletters in minutes, saving you time and money.Your blog post content here…