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CaboodleAI offers you a unique suite of
AI driven products.

By using the platform you’ll get access to a shimmering newsfeed, a newsletter and a directory. Got that? No? Ok…let me explain a bit more.

The newsfeed will mean that you can host rolling news on your website, constantly aggregated and updated, 24/7. Got that?

Next up – a newsletter template which means you can create and send newsletters to your audience whenever you want…using the stories from the newsfeed. See, it’s all starting to make sense now.

Lastly, our directory function will enable you to be the go-to destination for suppliers, products, news and contact details for your industry.

One more thing, which is kind of massively important, all of these products mean that you can generate revenue off the back of them, by selling ad slots, sponsored stories or promoted listings. Anyway, enough chat – take a look for yourself…plenty of businesses are using CaboodleAI for content, revenue generation and audience engagement.