Your Caboodle Settings – Advertisement and Analytics

Here we are in the final part of the Caboodle settings guide. So far we’ve taken a look at 6 main sections in your settings and what each of them does in making your Caboodle site work, now let’s dive into the final sections and get this wrapped up.

Advertisement Settings

1- Contact Email for Advertising: this is the email address your company will put out for potential advertisers to contact when reaching out to you.

2- Advertisement button text: This field is quite similar to the one in the Industry Directory section. You can choose the text you want to be displayed for the Advertisement notice.

3- Personal message for Advertisers: This text field provides a message of your choice to include to your advertisers once they sign up with you.

4- Advertisement display: The advertisement display feature allows you to customise the way your ads will look to your audience. You can have it in a carousel display, or in multiple blocks showing at once.


The Analytics settings help you integrate other platforms to track the performance of several metrics on your Caboodle site. Some such as view, impressions, clicks and other details are in your requirements.

1- Google Analytics account: In this field, you can include your company’s google analytics account, which would link Caboodle analytics to your Google Analytics page and you can view your metrics all at once and also

2- Google Tag Manager account: Google tag manager helps organisations manage their website tags. This brings more visibility and integration to your website, and with Caboodle as well.

3- Agents to exclude: You can set to remove browser agents that you don’t want to monitor its analytics. This is more like a techie developer feature we put in just in case your IT team could make use of it for a more customised analytics performance.

Now on to the last part of this well-detailed guide, the Advanced section, which basically has every other setting feature not listed in the other parts of your Caboodle settings.


We are constantly working to include more features, and as such will have more settings here. So far with this, you can;

  1. Select the default FIT score threshold for all content, just like you would on the usual Newsfeed page.

  2. Choose what the week start day should be between Monday and Sunday.

  3. Set your preferred timezone for your Caboodle site.

And we are done! Whoa, that was a lot of content, even when split in 3, but we did our best that it didn’t feel like too much for you. If this happened to be your first Caboodle setting guide, be sure to check out the first two guides, Identity, Assets and Socials, and Newsfeed, Newsletter and Directory.

You can also check out the other guides in the Knowledge Hub, or contact us if you have any questions that they don’t seem to answer.

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