Creating your Caboodle Site

We’re so thrilled that you’re here and ready to go with CaboodleAI for your personal and business needs. 

Now first things first, setting up your account! Once you’ve set up your subscription and plan with us, you would then need to provide the following info so your site can be created;

Site Name: This is your chosen web name that will be linked to your Caboodle site account. You can provide any name of your choice, but if there is none, we’ll make use of a default name from your website.

For example, if your website is, then your site name by default would be

Admin email: This is the email address of the admin of your Caboodle site. It could be your head of marketing or staff from IT, it’s entirely up to you! Other users can be added to the site after, but the admin email will be the person of contact between your company and Caboodle.

Once the above info has been provided, we would then proceed to create your account based on your subscription. Afterwards, an invitation would be sent to the admin email to set up a password and gain access to the new site. We would then provide you with your company id to login into your new portal. 

To log in, visit this link, and you would be greeted with the page below:

Once you put in your id, you’ll be directed to log in and voila, you’re all set!



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