Introducing GA4

Hey Caboodlers!

We have big news for you, a major update that we’ve been working on for a while now. We are super psyched to inform you that we have upgraded our analytics platform to GA4!

What is GA4? Yeah, I had that same question too…

GA4 is simply Google Analytics 4, the latest generation of analytics and reporting from Google. This new platform enables us to analyse and measure user engagements, traffic and journeys across our websites thus enabling us to fully understand how you use Caboodle for your audience.

We’ve made use of Google’s Universal Analytics up until now, but with GA4, there is a much more detailed and accurate report of user data, which is really important for CaboodleAI. GA4 focuses on machine learning and data visualisation at its core, and this will sync up perfectly with our own AI in getting more information regarding send statistics, audience numbers and all reports and metrics in general.

So what’s in this for you really? Well with GA4, there is no change in your subscription plan, we simply are enhancing your experience with CaboodleAI for better business performance. 

  • GA4 will build a stronger picture and determine what is genuine human traffic from potential bots from all your statistics data. 


  • GA4 is fast, thorough and most importantly more powerful and reliable than ever before meaning your data is more accurate and your audience journey tracking enhanced.


  • Along with the better and more reliable analysis, GA4 also provides a diverse visualisation feature that can be controlled with several criteria and settings. However, you won’t have access to this directly on your Caboodle site, but we can always share any data you request, or go through it together in a report demo of your choice.


As always, you can reach out to us if you have questions or concerns with this update, and our tech team will be happy to give you more information as needed.

Till next time!

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