Building My Newsletter

Hey there! Welcome to this simple How-To guide on building your Newsletter in Caboodle. There will be several more like this, and we’d make sure to address any concerns and questions you may have with the service, so let’s get started!

Actually, before we do get started, please make sure to go over the Email Sends guide before or after reading this, it will make it easier to understand and get used to.

To build a Newsletter, we’ll first need to navigate to the Newsletter edit page, to do this:

1. Sign in to your Caboodle site with the company id and your email address and password(obviously)

2. Click on the Newsletter tab on the right, and then click on Email Sends.

3. On the next page, click on the ‘New’ button and you’ll be directed to the Newsletter edit page to start building your newsletter.

Building a Newsletter involves a simple 3-step process;

1. Select your template and settings to use for the newsletter: This involves setting your newsletter name, subject, preview text, sender, recipients and tags, as well as choosing your template from the template list. Here’s a video to explain better;

2. Managing article positions and numbers: This involves editing the template you’ve chosen, where you can change article positions and update their info, as well as select the number of articles per section based on your template.

3. Send a test to confirm changes before sending it to the audience: Once you’re done with all your edits, you can send a test to an email and review it before sending the real campaign to your audience.

And with that, you’re all set with sending your newsletters. If you have any questions about this, just be sure to reach out to us for a live demo to address any concerns you may have, and we’ll be right with you!

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