Setting up your Sending Domain

After setting up your Caboodle site and newsletter format, you could also configure your own sending domain as well. By default, all unconfigured sites send their newsletter from our address and domain, which is [email protected].

We know that this might not be ideal for your company, which is the purpose of this guide. We’ll go over this somewhat technical process in a simple manner so anyone in your business can follow and have things set up like a pro.

Like in all our How-To guides, we’ll have this wrapped up with a 3-step process:

1. Create an entry for the domain name you wish to configure. To do this, sign into your Caboodle site and go to Settings >> Newsletter. Once you’re at the Newsletter setting page, click on the “+” icon and you’ll see a new screen. On this page, you’ll be asked to input your sending domain, as well as the email address of your IT in charge of managing that domain. For this guide, I’ll be using and IT@testing .com as the domain and email address.

2. After putting in the domain, click on “Activate” and you’ll see a set of records which contains random numbers and letters. Step 2 involves sending these records over to your IT team to validate them on the domain system. All you need to do with this step is copy the records in this order from the page and send them to your IT team.

3. The final step here isn’t really a step. Once you’ve heard back from your IT team that the records from step 2. have been added, just go back to the page and click on “Verify” and our system will validate the added records and you’re set! Once you check the page again, you’ll see your domain listed as “Active” which means you’re done.

You’ve done so well going through this guide, and we’re super proud of you! This stuff is pretty technical, so being able to use our guide to set up your domain officially makes you a techie in your own right! If you have any questions or encounter any issues with this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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