Add your company to the Industry Directory

In this article we will be explaining how company representatives can feature within your Industry Directory for exposure from your audience.
Available for Industry Directory customers only.

The viability of your directory can also be measured by the number of quality members that it holds. The CaboodleAI directory has different levels of memberships in order to allow for better visibility for high-rollers or premium companies. Being listed within your directory requires validation of new companies through your existing processes.

CaboodleAI allows for companies to register for your validation process directly from the directory page and from the newspage (where applicable).

Add Your Company:

When a company representative clicks on the button to be added to your directory, a workflow begins;

The user is presented with the following form to be completed.

Submitting the lead-gen form will trigger a notification to the owner of the directory in your company of a new registration.

Clicking the link as illustrated above will take you to the Companies page in the directory menu to review the current application. With the information submitted in the form, use your internal approval process to validate the authenticity of the form- submitter and where applicable, add them to your paid members list.

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