The meaning of June 21st for UK Events

Yossi Harel | 23 June 2021

June 21st was supposed to be a pivotal date for UK event organizers. The UK government announced that all covid restrictions will be lifted on that date. It was supposed to be a celebration for the event industry in particular but essentially for everyone; the opening of theatres, football matches, restaurants to open in full capacity and so much more.

When the previous easing of restrictions was in play, everyone Ispoke to said how much they missed that “beer with friends…” or how they wished that they could invite people for a BBQ, not to mention the extended family for a gathering after over a year.

However, the announcement this week (to be fair, it was expected) was somewhat demoralizing for everyone,

 especially event organizers. I was so excited to book tickets to participate inThe Publishing Show and International Confexin London for June 22-23. Although, I have to admit, I had doubts that this event was actually going to take place on the scheduled dates. 

My excitement to be at my first event since CaboodleAI was formed, went through the roof. I mean, as a fresh company, to be at an event, showcasing what we can do, with an audience would have been remarkable. As my excitement grew, I got a slap of reality in my face last week following the government announcement of the restrictions lift being pushed back. As many of you experienced, this was extremely disheartening. 

I take comfort in the fact that at least we can continue to serve our customers until the pandemic is over and that we’re able to reach out to prospects with our platform.

Event organizers typically have contact with their audience in the months up to the event and at most up to a month after the event. Most of the year, their reach to their audience is mostly dormant or very expensive due to high costs of labour and effort of their content team. 

Staying in touch with customers is easy for our clients at CaboodleAI. Our platform enables our clients to stay in touch with customers throughout the year at a low cost, provides users with great value in the form of knowledge, up to date content and the ability for marketer to become revenue centers vs. cost centers. 

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