caboodleailive | 24 September 2021

What is a Newsletter?

A Newsletter is either a printed or electronic report containing the latest activities or news within a specific industry. A newsletter will be delivered, to an email inbox or postbox, to a targeted demographic containing the necessary information they are specifically interested in.

Why is the CaboodleAI newsletter important for our customers?

The CaboodleAI newsletter has proved to be a successful marketing and sales tool for our customers. This is because the AI curated content is easily selected and displayed to create and send the newsletter. Not only does it save huge amounts of time to generate a newsletter but also allows for individuals to customise their own newsletter to include valuable and personalised content to be sent out. This has a proven record of success as our clients have been able to dramatically increase their open, click and engagement rates of each newsletter they send. With this increase in engagement our clients have been able to sell high quality advertisements to businesses to generate digital revenue growth.

What is the purpose of a Newsletter?

The purpose of a newsletter is to build a relationship with your contacts via valuable and exclusive updates pertaining to your business/industry, products, and services.

Purpose for customers:

  • Supplying your audience with an informative piece of information to build rapport
  • Keep your customers up-to-date with the latest industry developments

Purpose for businesses:

  • Building SEO score
  • Building brand awareness
  • Increasing your customers touch points with your brand

Marketing a newsletter

Why is a newsletter such an effective marketing tool?

A newsletter is an effective marketing tool due to the fact you are putting your brand name in the hands of a targeted demographic with a common interest. This in turn increases engagement and communication levels, subscribers, clicks and links visited.

An email newsletter is beneficial because you can reach your audience in real-time and quantify the success of engagement. They also allow you to stay in direct contact with your audience to build brand trust and keep your brand at the forefront of the consumers mind. Further to this an effective newsletter will boost your content marketing strategy as the valuable information provided, and links back to your main website, will encourage customers to engage with your core products. Finally a newsletter can be forwarded on to outside of your network thus increasing your brand awareness.

Only 55% of marketers think more than half of all the emails leaving their organisation are relevant to the individual recipient (DMA) through the use of a standard newsletter. However, using CaboodleAI allows almost 100% of your emails to be relevant. This is because CaboodleAI looks at the articles which have received the best results and then selects what is most relevant for your audience in future, therefore the articles are always relevant.

Types of newsletters

  • Company –

This newsletter should consist of internal information within the company. This is used to keep your staff and employees informed about the latest developments within the company and build morale.

  • Consumer –

Use this newsletter externally to stay in touch with your readers, users and subscribers. The information within the newsletter should include relevant information to your customers or prospects, including product launches, industry news, tips and tricks.

  • Organisation –

This newsletter can be sent internally and externally, as out of the three types of newsletters it speaks to your inner circle including staff, as well as your consumers such as prospects, partners and interested parties.

Typically creating a newsletter would fall under the remit of a marketing employee which is both timely and expensive.

Whereas CaboodleAI takes minutes to create newsletters as there are already templates and stories waiting for you to simply select. Job done!

A lot of marketers do not like creating newsletters as they are extremely time consuming. CaboodleAI is here to fix this problem for businesses, allowing them more time to focus on their day-to-day tasks while generating revenue.

Benefits of using newsletters for your company

Having a newsletter for your company has several benefits including expanding the amount of marketing you are doing, therefore growing your audience and following.

Here are a few points as to why newsletter would benefit your company:

  • Can help you connect and communicate with more customers
  • Increase your business’s credibility and authority
  • Low-risk and high rewarding
  • Boost your content marketing strategy
  • Enhance your analytics
  • Long term

Benefits of using CaboodleAI newsletters (link to newsletter product page)

  • Individuals can personalise their newsletter to maximise engagement
  • Ready made and adjustable templates to save time
  • Providing the latest and most engaging news stories from our AI powered content curation tool
  • Full analytic report
  • Generates quick digital revenue

How a CaboodleAI newsletter can generate you money (link to newsletter product page)

The CaboodleAI newsletter is designed and built for your industry, providing the latest industry developments sent out to your audience daily, weekly or monthly. A selection of advertising placements can be sold to companies who host products or services within that sector. The increase in engagement and open rates will attract advertisers to showcase their products and services to individuals/companies outside of their normal reach.

Newsletter ‘best practices’

Every successful newsletter will incorporate the following bullet points to receive high levels of reads, impressions and clicks. It all starts with the design as the newsletter should be visually appealing and user friendly while offering valuable content the reader needs.

  • Effective/personal subject lines
  • Easy to navigate
  • Clear calls to action
  • Give value
  • Make it unique
  • Stay on strict schedule
  • Drive readers to your site
  • Eye-catching images
  • Industry specific

How to create and write a newsletter

  1. Identify your goals

Starting off you need to make sure you know your newsletters goals. These goals should be closely tied to your overall business aspirations. By doing this you will be able to know what you would like to achieve from building the newsletters in future. For example measuring increase click-through-rate from newsletter to website.

  1. Content

Your newsletter needs to be specific and appeal to your target demographic by being industry relevant.

Gathering pertinent and valuable material for the newsletter is always very important as this will attract your audience and keep them engaged. To do this a lot of research will need to take place in order to find the correct material.

Designing your template for the newsletter is such a crucial part of the process. The design needs to be visually appealing and easy to navigate to ensure you maximise engagement and reduce churn.

Grabbing the attention of the reader with eye-catching images will increase click-through-rate and overall engagement.

  1. Subject and sender name

Your sender name for the newsletter needs to be recognisable so that your recipients know and trust what they are receiving to encourage the read. For example Your subject line needs to arouse curiosity and make people want to click through and read your email.

  1. Sending your newsletter

Send your newsletter through an email marketing platform to allow for quick and easy communication with your audience. If you do not have an audience or your audience size is small you can use contact capture strategies that are designed to help you find potential customers, constantly increase your subscriber database and increase your revenue as you gain new customers.

  1. Analytics

Once your email newsletter has been sent it is important to review the analytics to determine how successful or unsuccessful it was in order to make the necessary changes for next time.

How to send out an email with CaboodleAI

As we have discussed there are many steps and prerequisites to sending out an effective newsletter that would take the average person a significant amount of time and money to achieve.

With CaboodleAI we take away all the stress and time consuming elements to allow for a quick, stress free approach to creating and sending email newsletters for maximum engagement in just minutes. THE GAME CHANGER. Allow your audience to customise the newsletters they receive to only include the news they specifically want and are interested in.

Simply select how many articles you would like to include based on what our clever AI content curation tool has provided determined by the relevancy to your industry and to your readers. This will allow for your audience to receive the latest ground breaking industry news making your newsletter a recognised and definitive source of industry news.

Easily sell and include advertising into the template for additional digital revenue growth.

What is a CaboodleAI Newsletter?

A CaboodleAI Newsletter is very different from a standard newsletter. The main reason for this is the Artificial Intelligence which is the foundation of every CaboodleAI newsletter. It’s even in our company name!

CaboodleAI is different to any other Newsletter software as it is a time saver. Through the use of the AI software relevant stories are pulled from the internet, meaning you or your staff are not sat there hours on end trying to find suitable stories for your Newsletter on a daily basis. The AI software also skimm reads articles on the system to build up a relevancy score to make sure the content is well targeted for your audience.