caboodleailive | 24 September 2021

What is a news feed?

An online newsfeed is a list where news is provided on a regular basis to a wide audience showcasing the latest online news and updates. Engagement is created by users being able to subscribe and follow specific sources of interest.

An example of the best news feed would be a Twitter news feed, Facebook news feed and Linkedin news feed which provide their site users with regular updates, interactions and push notifications.

Newsfeeds are very beneficial to users as without, the users would have to browse the internet, looking at multiple sites in order to find the news they are specifically interested in. However, a singular news feed that contains lots of content from a variety of news sources will save the user time from searching to spend more time engaging with relevant content.

Why is a news feed important to us and our community?

A news feed is important to us and our clients as it allows them and their audience to keep up-to-date with the latest industry developments and gives their audience more reasons to come back, visit and engage with their website on a daily basis. This allows them to become a recognised, trusted and authoritative brand within their industry. This spike in website traffic will increase the amount of attention of their core products and services.

Our news feed has proved to be an important asset to our communities business’ as it has allowed them to track and analyse what their audience are truly interested in and engaging with. This intern will help the business understand industry trends and keep their news feed relevant.

We are proud and humbled to have global organisations, such as Informa, join our community to help benefit their online and social media presence.

How an online news feed has changed over time…

Overtime online news feeds have improved in many different ways. Firstly algorithms have developed and improved massively. The algorithm within a newsfeed is so smart and experienced that it will rank posts depending on the engagement and views, whereas it never used to be this clever and knowledgeable. This allows the exposure of certain posts to be increased and viewed by individuals with a history of similar interests. The popularity of using a news feed to see the latest news articles has increased because of the ease of accessibility. In addition to this it is very quick and easy for the users to navigate through the news feed to other relevant content especially on their mobile phones. Typically the end user would commonly refer to a designated news feed rather than searching multiple web sources trying to find the relevant articles that they could find in one place.

How videos have played a part in news feed development

Throughout the years of news feeds, videos have become even more prevalent in today’s climate. Why? Because it is a quick and efficient method of providing high quality and informative material to be consumed and remembered. Videos are now more formally used for allowing individuals to have a better user experience and increasing the return rate to the site as the visual aspect of the news feed will be higher. Videos have only recently become part of a news feed now that technological developments allow for quick loading times and completed viewing rates.

Advertising in a news feed

Relevancy of adverts on news feeds have developed over time as the ads which are displayed on news feeds are now relevant to the business and industry news pages. However this did not used to be the case as random, untargeted, advertising would appear on different news feeds. This would not benefit the advertisers as the people who saw the adverts would not necessarily be interested in them.

Within the newsfeed there are either organic posts which means they are user generated, or they can be sponsored posts meaning a client has paid to have content in your specific feed as your interest history would determine a relevancy. News Feeds can be helpful when a company needs to further expose their businesses products and services to a wider audience.

How a CaboodleAI news feed can generate you money

The CaboodleAI news feed is designed and built for your industry, providing the latest industry developments to attract audiences every single day. A selection of advertising placements can be sold to companies who host products or services within that sector. The increase in daily traffic will attract advertisers to showcase their products and services to individuals/companies outside of their normal reach.

How the process of sharing or content distribution works with news feeds

Sharing and distributing news content on the newsfeed could not be easier.

Sharing or distributing news within a newsfeed can be time consuming if you are doing a lot of it.. Starting off by finding the content you would like to present to your audience and making sure it is relevant to your business and  industry is extremely crucial. Inputting the news sources comes next and making sure the display and everything is correct on the articles. After putting these articles on to the newsfeed it is important to regularly update the content so that people come back to the site to see the latest industry news and updates. The content should most likely be distributed daily for this reason.

Different social media news feeds

What is a Facebook news feed?

A Facebook news feed is the primary way for individuals, groups and organisations to consume information and stay up to date with constantly updating news feeds from friends, interest groups and third party advertisements. A business’ objective on the newsfeed is to create engaging content which will stand out to users on their feeds building followers and impressions.

When Facebook started in 2007 the algorithm picked up which posts had been liked to tailor your newsfeed, as Facebook can see which posts delighted, bored and offended them etc. Whereas now Facebook has become a lot more advanced and intelligent, and includes a lot more than the like button. It now looks at relevancy score, prioritising friends, time spent on a post and video engagement. These are all factors that determine the algorithm on your newsfeed. For example time spent on a post allows Facebook to see whether the user was interested or not.

CaboodleAI connects with your Facebook account and news feed, by allowing you to, with a click of a button, share and distribute the most relevant content which our AI-driven content curation software has identified with your Facebook following to engage with.

What is a Twitter news feed?

A Twitter news feed, commonly referred to as a timeline, is a full list of “tweets” (social posts and updates) from users you are following through your account. It also shows your tweets to your followers and what your followers have liked. Another great example of how to increase the exposure of content outside of the individual group and/or organisation.

The engineers at Twitter have created two ways to show what should be featured first on your timeline including, the ‘while you were away’ feature and the ‘show me the best tweets first feature’. Both of these features then allow Twitter to put the most relevant and important tweets for you at the top of your news feed, followed by content from accounts you’re following in time order.

CaboodleAI synchronises with your twitter newsfeed by allowing you to quickly and effortlessly push the content from your industry news feed to your Twitter page. This allows your business to appear as a thought leader and a news authority within your industry. By increasing the amount of Twitter content activity your Twitter page will become a recognised account for industry updates and will draw in more attention to raise more awareness about your brand.

We can even display a live snippet of your Twitter news feed on the CaboodleAI industry news feed, to increase the awareness of your social media accounts. Any article that is clicked on from your social media accounts will drive traffic back to your industry news feed.

What are live news feeds?

A live news feed, simply put, is a news feed of constantly updated information that contains real-time posts that can be clicked, commented or engaged with. They are beneficial as you will then always be up to date with the latest and most relevant news and information and will allow you to have regular communication with your target audience.

How to create news feeds for your website

News feeds which are displayed on websites are created by inputting articles which have either been written in house or discovered through research. However CaboodleAI news feeds are a lot easier and targeted towards your audience as CaboodleAI builds a relevancy score for the articles it identifies from leading industry sources for you, saving you time and money in finding the best news for your target audience. This will allow for a lot more engagement for your target audience as the articles and news will be more relevant.

To attract your audience the template needs to be easy to read, scan and click, also it needs to be mobile friendly as most people open their email on a mobile device.

Alt text allows your reader to know what the image is on your email without it loading, as not all email providers load images properly, so you have to make sure the alt text is there to make your recipients aware.