What is a Twitter Feed?

Michel Zieleman | 24 November 2021

A Twitter Feed is an ongoing stream of Twitter messages allowing users and followers to engage with others’ tweets and stay up to date with the latest Twitter news. The latest Twitter news includes updates from the users you are following and also your personal tweets to your followers.

Concept of Twitter News Feed

The purpose and concept of a Twitter News Feed is to reach new audiences with your most recent updates. For example a Twitter News Feed could be used for businesses to potentially grow their audiences. Or it could be used for personal use.

How to Embed Twitter Feed into Website

To enable your website visitors to see your social feeds straight away, you can include Twitter Feeds on your website by embedding them. This can be done using Twitter’s own embedding tool or every Tweet has the option to be embedded. The quick steps to do this include pressing the three dots button, which is situated at the top of all your tweets, and then selecting the embed tweet option. This will then give you a piece of Twitter HTML.

This is then put into your HTML. However CaboodleAI also has a section for Twitter Feeds to be displayed on News Feeds, keeping site visitors informed with Caboodle’s latest tweets and updates.

Twitter Feeds are important to CaboodleAI customers as it gives viewers another point of contact and engagement on their News Feeds. Meaning it will drive traffic to your content. This will be good to use when launching a new product or releasing a new blog post. Twitter Feeds is a great feature of CaboodleAI’s News feed package and a great promotional tool.




There are Two Options when Embedding onto Your Website


To embed the Twitter Feed manually, you have to go through the process of using code or CSS. Which will only be easy if you are familiar with using these methods. It is important to be competent with this method as if it goes wrong you could potentially break your website.


By using plugins for your website you are able to speed through the process of embedding the code, as the plugin does all of the hard work for you. CaboodleAI also allows you to embed Twitter Feeds automatically within the iframe, saving you time and hassle.

How to share content to Twitter from a website

Within a website there are options to share blog articles on social media channels. These are displayed as share buttons, which can normally be added in as plugins to web pages.This is a quick way for your content to be shared from your website. It is beneficial to your business as it gives your audience another way to engage with your posts.

Write a Twitter Comment

CaboodleAI News Feed

CaboodleAI offers many different products including a News Feed. The News Feed allows you to engage your audience with an AI driven website News Feed which consists of the best curated content from the top leading sources, allowing your audience to engage with every day without having to employ an extra member of staff.

Within CaboodleAI the News Feed allows you to embed a Twitter Feed within it. Keeping users up to date with the company’s latest Twitter news.