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Michel Zieleman | 9 November 2021

What is a directory website?

A directory website is a website or page on a website that will host company names and their products or services to allow for end users to find the products or services they need.

What is a directory website?

Think of a directory website as the online version of the old school Yellow pages or newly converted, the go to place for contact information. Web directories are used for businesses who want to connect buyers with sellers within a specific industry.

According to the steps you need to take in order to build a directory website are;

  • Choose a Niche (Industry sector. Eg. Construction)
  • Find a way to monetize (sell directory listings and adverts)
  • Take care of branding
  • Set up your directory website (using a directory website builder
  • Implement the main features (sell listings, provide the information)


Choosing your Niche for your directory website

Identifying your niche is the first step to a successful website directory as this will determine who will be coming to your site, businesses that might want to appear in your web directories and what advertisers that will pay to showcase their products in adverts.

Choose a niche that you understand and are familiar with to give yourself a head start when identifying the relevant companies to feature in your directory and the right advertisers to advertise.

For example, if you are interested in building or have been involved in working on a construction site you might choose construction as your industry. You will then have an understanding about what companies provide what tools or services that other people who are interested in construction may need for themselves. This is a great place to start to build a directory website.

How a directory website works

Are you wondering how to build a directory website or how web directories work? A directory website can be used for any business who would like to host their very own directory with the relevant industry company profiles for that sector and works to allow your users to use your website to locate and find a company’s product or services.

The directory homepage could include all the necessary website directory categories within your sector, for example – those that specialise within the optical industry may want categories such as Lenses or Frames etc . Each company who provides lenses or frames will feature within that category.

Once a user has found a company within the directory the company profile will be displayed showing their range of products/services and their company news. The CaboodleAI online  directory software will automatically collect the news from the company’s website and display accordingly for the user to view. The AI software behind CaboodleAI’s directory creator saves a lot of time and effort needed to keep the site up to date.

Why should you have a directory website?

The use of a directory has become ever more popular in recent times with the amount of clout that comes with having a strong number of visitors to your website and the remote working lifestyle that supports online shopping.

If your clients have products or services within your niche (sellers) who wish to be connected to individuals or businesses who are in need of specific products or services (buyers) then you need an online business directory website to connect the buyers with sellers. The increase in your website traffic and the increase in buyer and seller connections create huge value in which you will be able to monetize by selling company directory listings and advertising.

Let’s get deeper…Firstly, you can provide extra value to your audience (buyers) by giving them a clear overview of businesses (sellers) within your industry that have desirable products or services, generating more traffic to your site everyday. Secondly, generate more website traffic and engagement with your clients (the sellers) websites. How? You are providing your website as the main source (value to your audience) to direct traffic to your client’s website to buy their products/service (giving extra value to your clients). Finally, the business who hosts the directory (you) can sell directory listings and even premium listings to their clients to generate a brand-new digital revenue stream.

Does this make sense, Yes? Great, please continue reading. No? No problem, contact us (link to contact us page) to find out more.

How to build a directory website

Setting up a directory website does not have to be hard, in fact it can be incredibly easy should you use a directory website builder like When you are looking into your directory website design, using a website directory builder will save you time by providing you with a directory website template that will allow for a positive user experience.

When building a directory website of your own it is important to follow these steps,

  • Find your Niche
  • Find a website directory builder
  • Define your directory website categories within your niche
  • Create membership/pricing plan options for company listings/advertisers
  • Create and import your first listings
  • Provide quality content
  • Monetize


To understand more about what an directory website can offer, go and visit

Directory website features

  • Sign in or create account

This allows for you to organically grow your audience reach, increase your database, and generate a new digital revenue stream as companies will recognise your directory listing website as a new way to get their business leads to sell their own products and services and thus pay for a company profile listing or even a premium listing.

  • Directory website categories

Having industry categories will allow for a user-friendly experience when users visit your business directory to locate the products or services they need from the directory listings. Having a good user experience will also help to make your directory website SEO friendly.

  • Help and support

A directory website builder should have a help and support section in case your users have any issues when trying to contact a company listing. This will also contribute to your users experience to help increase trust and website re visits.

Take a look at an example of a directory website here – (