What is a Wildcard Search?

A “Wildcard Search” fetches articles from web searches based on the ever-evolving keyword data from our AI. 

Why: Assuming you have set up your list of sources but a very important article is published in a source that is not on your list. Morla, our AI entity, will know how to fetch this article and add it for you to review. 

Based on our model, we search for content that the system deems relevant. Morla learns the keywords that are most important to you based on the content you have recently approved, to fetch similar content for you to review. These relevant keywords update weekly.

To determine which keywords will be used for a Wildcard Search, we first take all relevant (approved) articles from previous weeks and let Morla chew this data and produce insights.

Sources that have been aggregated as part of a Wildcard Search will appear on your Sources page as type: Wildcard. By design, these are not active sources as these are not set to fetch content on a regular basis (twice a day, once-a-week or similar) but rather just on a one-off basis.

You can convert a Wildcard source to a regular source on the Source’s edit screen.

To find all sources found by a Wildcard Search, you can filter on the Sources page using the “filter” function on the top of the page. Alternatively, “Source Type” will state “Wildcard Search”.

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